Rainbow Bridge

There is a special bridge connecting Earth to Heaven.

On the other side of this Bridge, all is forgiven.

It is called a Rainbow Bridge because the colors are so beautiful.

Where a meadow valley of hills and lush grass is bountiful.

The weather is always warm, and there is plenty of food and water.

There is always a soft cloud to sleep on, and noise is not a bother.

When your beloved pet dies, this is the place they go.

Where their soul is renewed and their body made whole.

Strong and young, will the old and frail become.

Completely healed, the sick and injured can run.

All pain is forgotten and wiped from memory.

All heartache is taken and forever set free.

The only thing missing is their special person who showed them so much love.

So as they wait for their person, each day, they play with the others above.

Until suddenly…one of them stops! the nose starts twitching and the ears perk up!

They look towards the bridge…they spot you on the other end! and start running towards you full speed, tails up!

You and your beloved pet finally embrace again!

With hugs and kisses and sniffs, how long it’s been!

And you look into each others adoring eyes and feel immense joy and peace in your heart.

Then you cross the Rainbow Bridge side by side together, never again to be apart.

By Angie

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